Earrings, necessary evil

So tadah! Elle finally got her ears pierced last October 10—a few weeks before she turns one! Made a mistake of waiting until she was a bit bigger before doing it. I had been putting it off for months, precisely because I never want to see her in pain. True enough, she cried really, really, REALLY hard according to my mom who took her to the doctor. Coming from someone who doesn’t cry during vaccinations anymore, that’s saying something. It was a good thing I wasn’t there because I probably would have cried even harder than Elle (See previous post about pain).


But seeing her all so pretty…No regrets! Well, maybe a little bit of guilt because she struggled through the night, probably because of the pain. But hey, if this puts an end to all the “Is this your son?” comments, then a little pain is okay. A necessarily evil, if you will. Pretty sure Elle’s gonna thank me for it two decades down the line. 🙂


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