Look, ma! No tears!

Here’s the thing, I’m scared as hell of needles.

I have to look away and try my best not to faint everytime I get my blood drawn, so you can just imagine what a mess I am during Elle’s month visits to the doctor for her scheduled immunizations.

During Elle’s very first injection, I had my mother stay with her inside the clinic while I waited outside because I honestly for the life of me could not stand to see that syringe plunge into my daughter’s thigh. (You know what, I could feel my throat close up just by typing that.) Her cry was so loud that no doubt everyone at  OPD section at that time heard it. See, that’s another thing I hate about injections. IT HURTS LIKE A B.


Anyway, Elle’s response to the monthly injections got better as she got bigger while I got a little braver myself–and by braver I meant I can finally stay in the room, but I’m still not able to look.

So we came in for some anti-something shots 2 months ago and to my surprise, Elle didn’t bawl! She didn’t even flinch. But I chalked it up as luck because HOW CAN ONE NOT CRY DURING INJECTION? HOW? (Capslock for emphasis of my feelings.)

But a month after that, Elle also had another tear-free doctor’s visit. She just flashed this look of wonder on her face that was quickly replaced by her charming smile. Even the doctor was impressed. I, though, didn’t expect her to keep this up. I’m sure she’d cry the next time, I thought.


Last week, Elle ran a fever for three straight nights and I needed to have her platelet count tested to rule out dengue. So we took her to the lab and had her blood drawn. Guess what, she didn’t cry too. We didn’t even have to do anything to distract her. She even stared at the needle (not that she knew what that was for). I would’ve taken a video but I couldn’t think of anything else and I was sweating profusely! Sorry!

Third time’s a charm. Now it’s safe to say it’s no fluke; Elle is nothing like her mom (aleast not when it comes to the irrational fear of needles).


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