Time flies when you have a baby

They weren’t kidding when they said “time flies.”

Just before she turned 10 months last week, my daughter Celestine learned to stand on her own. No more holding on her baby fence, no more leaning on the walls and no more help from us. Celestine stood for a minute and  balanced on her two feet.  Now she does it every chance she gets.

Suddenly, Celestine could do all sorts of things by herself. No more lullabies from mom because she can now sleep on her own, too! No more holding up the feeding bottle anymore for her, because she can now do it herself–willingly. (This is actually a late milestone, she could hold a bottle but refused to. Haha!)

She acts like a toddler and she isn’t even a year old yet.

I know mothers ask this all the time, and now I’m asking it myself: where the hell did time go?

I remember when Elle was just a few months old and I was a new mom lacking decent sleep and tired as hell from hourly feeding, washing the bottles, laundrying the clothes, pumping the milk (and the list goes on), I kept wanted skip all the hard part and fast forward to the time when she could walk or her own and not depend on me too much. I thought it would be less exhausting if I didn’t have to carry her all the time, sang and danced her to sleep or be the one to feed her every so often. Fellow moms have heard me rant I was constantly told to enjoy these early times. Yeah right, I said to myself, tell that to the exhausted mother.

But as she slowly started weaning from me, it hit me. I don’t want her to grow up yet! I want my clingy baby! I suddenly missed those times when she would willingly let me carry her on my arms, when she could still sleep while I danced her around or when she wouldn’t close her eyes unless she heard me humming. With Celestine being a very active little one, I can tell you she hates it when I lay her on arms for a cuddle and she doesn’t like being carried around to sleep. She wants to do things her way–she’d lie down when she wants to and sleep how she wants to–at10 months old! She’s growing up to be a healthy and smart baby waaaaay too fast! I can just imagine how it would be one she hits her “terrible twos.”

Now I wish I had spent less time getting annoyed that I didn’t get enough sleep, listened to those moms and just enjoyed Celestine as a little baby as much as I could.

So how did you stop yourself from crying the first time you realized your baby isn’t a baby anymore?


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