Covering the Mommy Beat

This blog wasn’t supposed to happen.

In between the editor/reporter duties at work and the mommy duties at home, there really isn’t much time left for anything else.

But that’s just my lame excuse.

The truth is, I’m not sure I’m that type of mother—that straight-out-of-an-infant-formula-commercial-who-couldn’t-do-wrong kind—that you’d want to read.

Here’s what has been my life for the last 9 months in a nutshell: On days that my daughter wakes up in middle of the night to play, I get grumpy. When she doesn’t give me any sleep, I complain. When she’s irritable the whole day, I sometimes run out of strength and patience to keep up.

So what story do I have to tell?


I want to share with you a life of a young mother who has a patience of an unruly toddler, hung up on her career and afraid that motherhood would overtake her life, BUT also mother who, even amid her constant whining, would wake up whichever time of day, do anything at the drop of a hat, give up whatever it needs for her daughter’s sake.

As I cover this mommy beat, I will take you on my adventures with my lovely daughter Celestine, from our 3 a.m. playtimes (and having to wake up 3 hours for work!), my love-hate relationship with her newly acquired teeth to all her adorable shenanigans, but not without sharing you stories (some horror, some not) of my experiences and discoveries as a mother who’s still got craploads to learn.


2 thoughts on “Covering the Mommy Beat

  1. Hi, I’m a young mum too! And doing it alone, my blog wasn’t supposed to happen either. Inbetween working part time, looking after my daughter and keeping up with housework I barely find time to myself let alone to blog. But some how so far I’ve managed to post a few, I look forward to reading about your adventures with your little one x


    • Thank you so much! I’ll try to write as often as my schedule would allow me. 🙂 I got so many stories to share. Motherhood is such an experience. thanks for dropping by! 🙂


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